Snow ?

Did anyone actually see any snow this morning ?

No none in Worcester Park, Epsom or Leatherhead.

I bit the bullet as the sun was shining in Cheshunt, the BBC has still forecast snow today though

Saw snow the size of golf balls really early this morning but none of it settled - but I’m all wrapped up warm and cosy at home, off sick

GP x

Nothing around my side Twickenham, it wasn’t very cold either

PS: GP hope you feel better

hey gridgirl

there was a small spattering of snow on my windscreen this morning, but it was only the remnants of what must have been a 1 minute flurry last night.

Pm sent Orla

Was a bit 'taters this morning though, waiting for me ‘muffs’ to come from M&P, I hate having cold hands !

The SV was being a bit stubborn this morning, doesn’t like the cold n damp

Cold and mis but no snow…

Looking out the window now in West London, it looks like somethings about to drop out the sky.

about 2am this morning there was some, I couldn’t sleep properly so I got to go to the bathroooooom and there it was but it did not settle either (greenhithe) carrying on regardless I went to work on my bike this morning

Had some settle on my grass, also a bit of a mini-blizzard last night on my way out of town at stupid o clock zzzz

biggus, was it you at High Beech on Saturday a.m, I think you met my better half, jonny-zero ?

Sue saw some this morning , looked out of the window and it was snowing but that was at 3 am


lol don’t think it was me, I was at EuroFunnel terminal at 6.10am to get to France before the riff raff

A friend says there was some on roofs up in Watford… no sign of anything in Finchley.

I saw it about 5 this morning, no wonder it was so f**king cold coming back from France. LOL

Just had hail, sleet, thunder and lightning!