and bikes don’t mix…

this was a public information announcement.


AND light snow and sleet has been forecast for Thursday folks!


And as a consequence, my poor bike has been up on the stands for longer than I care to think about…with no signs of Spring in sight.

BUT have you got all your new bits on the bike yet??

Please no more snow, 1 day was more than enough for me.

Great fun in my car though

Not yet…it’s too damn cold to sit out in the garage and fool with it.

Besides, I’d get all the new bits added and then have a massive hard…on nevermind…I’d want to go ride really bad I can’t right now…the roads are a disaster area of ice/sand/salt and it’s too cold.

Sod the snow!!!

Thursday is forcast to be a snowy day, several inches in some parts of the south.

As I wrote in a mail this morning to a friend, there is an ultra fine line between being a have-a-go hero/heroine and being a complete and utter Richard Cranium. That fine line gets crossed when the wheels lose traction and your pride & joy hits the deck, and you get run over by the following car that cannot stop. It’s NOT just about you and your capabilities, it’s about them and their distinct LACK!

Please, people, be smart; if there is snow on the ground, use alternative transport. Live to ride another day. You may think there is kudos in saying ‘I rode to work today in the snow’ and perhaps, in small minded people, there is.

But having to say ‘I tried to ride to work in the snow and ruined my bike and broke my arm’ has none, it just makes you look really damn foolish.

Ok, so I live outside London, and in town it may be different… However… This is one CBT instructor / DR that will NOT be taking his bike out tomorrow in the white stuff. And I’m not talking about milk…

Be smart; be safe; Friday may herald a return to riding, and even the weekend looks… promising!

Well said!!!

With my slow-to-warm-and-slick-sides Pirellis…forget it - tucked up nice and warm in the garage she is.

and think of how long its going to take to clean all that salt off I can’t say I like sitting in gridlocked traffic but it beats a trip to A&E

My rule of thumb is, if I can see tarmac I ride, if I can’t I wont (well not to work any way)

Well said Toast

One cold day last February I didn’t have much choice - ferry door dropped and lo! It was snowing in France. WTF, where did that come from? Not pleasant.

Email this to your boss now…



Predicted 6" snow fall tomorrw morning, stay home or go and play snowball fights in the park.

Some of us don’t have a choice. Freelance work, so you can’t just chuck a sicky or they won’t have you back. No car option, and to get public transport would take for ever. So I will be riding whatever the weather. The roads are gritted anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem. (Fingers crossed)

If i dont work i dont get paid, but i`d rather loose 1 days pay instead of a £5000 bike.

yeah but yours is a scooter

Yes its a maxi scooter and wheres the problem with that manboob king.