Snow 2

It`s kicked off again, 60cm or more in Wembley Park.

How deep is your dump?

It snowed a bit here over night and now it`s raining, so the snow while melt away and i can get the bike out.

doesnt seem to have done either here (west london)

Yep none here either - West London :stuck_out_tongue:

bad down here in wales this morning!!

Raining in East Sussex – snow is slowly disappearing.

Loads here in luton. Roads blocked, schools closed, buses cancelled.

Winter wonderland



Its raining here in essex and the snow is fast disapearing woohoo i can get out on 2 wheels and play today:P

just started raining here as well! - biking in today! :smiley:

Snow is slowly disappearing here, but I’ll have to take the train in as my bike is still at the garage and I cannot get to it just yet.

i rode in today…

looks like the snow will hold off for london(met office reports), mainly be rain maybe some sleet. snow is poss tomorrow tho -overnight tonite-

had to ride over some ice last nite after visiting a friend, twas fun:)

Wooooo Hooooo! It is raining!!

Never thought I would be so happy for some rain, but pubic transport it killing me. Have a cold for the first time in years after a few days of travelling with the diseased zombies.

Just rain in NW London, and central London


Im actually happy to see it raining. Ill be riding in today (Y)

Rain over here in south east london,still cant get the bike off the drive though as its sheet ice ,hope its gone before i start my early shift at the weekend ,otherwisw i will have to use them things they call Trains and Buses .

rode in yesterday and today, yesterday was a piece of cake just a bit of ice on a few miner roads, no prob really. Today was a nightmare! Slush allover Barnet, we had snow last night then it rained, and my god is slush slippery nearly a gonner on about 5 separate occasions.

still it beats the tube!



Raining in Kent.

Well it was snowing last night around 11pm in Kingston, but it was only very fine snow. And by the looks of it, it was raining for a bit aswell. Bike is still on a car park of snow compressed into perfectly slippery smooth ice by hundreds of feet though :frowning: