poor baby…i’m gonna go and give mine a rub down…and maybee some tender kisses…:smiley:


That’s just nasty:crazy:

What on earth would you have to do to get a bike exhaust to glow red like that?:w00t:

I can remember going to Le Mans about 10 years ago and this type of thing went on ALL night…

It was quite entertaining walking around the camp sites until about 2am watching the loons killing their bikes…not so great when you’re trying to sleep and it is about 10 foot from your tent…:crazy:

Hehe - old habits die hard, as it was exactly the same at Le Mans this year!!

Saw it at the Bol before but they were only small bikes, never a half decent gixxer:crazy:

i know chunks…

i told the guy on you tube that im going too punch him in the face,lolol:D

think he got scared…hahahaha


goes to show how much tortour a bike can go through…

still an unpleasent site to see though