moneys a bit of a problem for me at the moment and really wanna get back on track. snetterton seems very cheap for the day £79 in july and since my dad lives in norfolk so i can combine the two together, but most importantly whats the track like?

Fast and fun! :slight_smile:

Turn 1 is super quick (after a long straight) - turn 2 sets you up for the longest straight in the UK. Enjoy the awesomeness that is braking for the esses at the end of it.

Out of the esses hard to bombhole - from there it’s a short blast to Corhams - a long fast righthander, it’s fast.

The lap finishes with a tight chicane - the exit of which is the only lefthander with the throttle open, so beware the cold tyre highside.

Have fun, remember to pack yer balls.