Snetterton - Sunday, 24th Feb 2008

Was talking to my mate Marvin yesterday about next year’s trackday season and Snetterton came up.

Pretty near to London, pretty simple and fast enough to shake those cobwebs off for those that put their bikes away for a few months.

It’s on a Sunday so no booking time off work required, and it’s cheap at £55.

Late Feb should also see the temperature rise enough so that we don’t freeze also and can have fun. :laugh:

Watcha reckon…I’ll be booking if there’s some interest in this.

february is the most consitently cold month of the year…and regularly snows, but if its not too bad i will come out with the ZX7r… my birthday ride perhaps…

Blimey, you’re keen! :stuck_out_tongue:

i have had the zx7r in the garage for weeks now and only ridden it about 200 yards…need to have a go…wont be going fast though just trying it out to see how she runs and handles…

Don’t worry Afro i’m out to play in Feb also. Testing at Oultan in the ACU group Feb 16th. Get out there and you’ll get the jump on everyone else :slight_smile:

Afro, you going up on your bike…I am going to go in the truck and take the zx7r…may even take the zx 10r if it has arrived but wont be pushing that just yet…

im keen to!!! booked donny for the 28 march

that sounds like a better time, sun is usually out by then…plan to do at least 6 track days next year…brands will be one or two, donnington for sure, snetterton if afro goes and the weather is nice, would not mind doind oulton park as it was where I used to go and watch Barry Sheene many years ago…and then ride home like him on my KH500 which would blow most bikes into the wind in those days…great fun because most people would think it was just a 250…those were the days…

Is this any good for a track day virgin? or is it better to do the full day course etc? Thanks for help on this, also does anyone know which schools provide bikes as don’t want to throw my duke on as a first timer!Jimi

Hmmmm if it snows it should handle errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr well just find out…:smiley:

mind u,i cant wait neither,but i am.

yep know how you feel…but I will be going in February come rain or shine…it will still be cold though…I guess…

Hi there Jimi, Snetterton is a nice and easy track for a newbie, no real undulations and it has long straights to get your head back after the corners. I would suggest doing one track day before going to a school, so you can get all the ‘being on the track nerves’ out of the way and concentrate on what the school is telling you. Dont worry about being a novice on the track, loads of people are and its up to other people to pass you if you are slower, not your problem, ride your own track, etc, etc.Both the schools I know of, Ron Haslam (CBR600RR’s) and Californian Superbike (R6’s) schools allow for hire of their bikes on the course. For pure track days Focused Events (R6’s) allow you also to hire a bike from them for the day of the track day as well, not sure about Motorsport Vision.Loads of other posts on here about snet, and other tracks, and the schools, have a browse around.

What’s the score with trackdays and weather… is there ever a refund offered if its not deemed sdafe to go out at all, or is that just tough terds and you got bite the cost?

And realistically, what would actually get the organisers to say that, cos assuming people would be demanding refunds, it must take a serious amount of rubbish weather to get htem to actually say, nope track closed, here’s your money back…?

So what’s the deal then?

The deal is that you will at some point go out… I’ve never been on a day where they have surrendered to the weather.

Donny this year was the closest ive come to not going out but eventually got out on circuit about 1pm and had 3 sessions.

fair enough. 'spose we jsut gotta pray for some dry track at some point, finers crossed.

Think on most of the websites they say no refunds at all with regards to weather.

As MJ says…They expect you to bring the equipment to handle adverse conditions and so won’t call the day off.

For example, some people take along tyre warmers and WoWs (Wets on Wheels) which all go some way to improving the track experience in shíte weather.

Snetterton is a good easy track (although I crashed there two years ago), and will be a nice way to ease back into track riding.

Sammo was great to finally meet you at the party…Hope to see you on track this year mate…Take care.

afro, you definitely going on the 24th…i am going to book it this week…take the ZX7r and might even have a go with the new ZX10 if its arrived by then…

I might even get on a bit of this action… I’l think about it.

yes more the merrier…will need someone to give me a bit of encouragement on the new zx7r…