Snetterton Saturday

I have booked it with club MSV myself and Gaz are going. Weather is looking pretty good so fingers crossed for a good day!


ah cool dont think we have met so we will have to say hello!

Hiya guys! Thx for the heads up with this event Rixxy. Weather looks too good to waste!Myself & ajoe90 are now booked in for tmz so hope to see you there!

Will try & find you, otherwise look out for my avatar or else a red & black R1 track bike.

Cheers, win.

I have no idea whay your bike looks like but I’ll try to find you. I’m not hard to miss.

What’s with the groups - I booked fast/inters, there was no fast option. I’ll be trying out a few things before my Jerez trip.

I hope the wind isn’t too gusty, my bike counts as a highsided vehicle!

lol i’m not hard to miss either. small asian chick in pigtails on a black honda cbr 6rr. will keep an eye out for orange… :wink:

yeah i noticed this. im in novice so i’m seriously affected… more track time :smiley: :smiley:

uy3n (12/11/2010)

Hells teeth - I’ll be sure to hunt you down.

Sorry, I meant try and find you.

cracking day guys, had some fun chasing you down at the end there pete till my visor totally fogged when i sneezed! Nice to meet everyone!

Great last session as hardly any bikes on the circuit!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

And we had you down for Mr Toad on the Wind in the Willows rideout. What will all the squirrels do, no nuts for them.:slight_smile:

Aha uy3n, at last I have found you on here. We met at BM a couple of weeks ago and I was showing off my big horns (on my black Bandit 1250) and promised to send you something, but can’t now remember what it was (I thought your online name was Yu3n, got confused :hehe:What was I meant to send you? Was it the electrician who installed the horns?

100 years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

i send my love to you lot and i will be out again in red, white and blue soon! If you end up our way come say hello!

Ha, I was there too. I was on the blue/white GSXR600K7 road bike in the novice group. Rode there in the morning, had a great day, rode home in the evening.

Met a few great people, like uy3n - had a good laugh with the tyre poeple, learnt a little bit, recognised that i’m crap at entering and getting round a corner, but kept it sunny side up, so will go back to fight another day.

Only one red flag in our group for the whole day which was annoying, but at least only one. Damp first session, but a great drying line for the second session (helped greatly by the cars) then dry from there on.

Hope to see more of you all soon!

Was a great day out at Snett. First time at the track but really enjoyed it. Short n sweet is how I’d have described it :D.

Good to meet Pete, Rixxy, Gaz and more that I dont think were on LB. Very friendly atmosphere in our pit garage (as always at trackdays ;))

Thought my last trackday of the year was in october so was glad that Uy3n twisted my arm to head up there on sat :slight_smile:

That’s prob it till the spring now :frowning: Oh well, might give me a chance to sort a few bits n pieces out on the bike.

See y’all trackside next year :wink:

it was! thx for remembering eezyrida! got it sorted in the end & in time for a couple of great days out b4 this onslught of frosty mornings! i know, i know…more to come as i’ve been told…am bracing myself for this UK winter…:pinch:

Hey there! Don’t worry, I’m crap too…slowly but surely those chicken strips will be no more LOL! snetterton was a blast! was great to have given the zippy track a go b4 the apparent make-over. looking fwd to more fun in the sun with you guys next time! :hehe: