Snetterton ride out ... anyone?

Am riding up to Snetterton at about 6 on Friday night (from NW10 ish area)

Fancy some company for the way up…anyone else planning on attending and going up Friday night? If you wanna meet up for a good bash, a top pub dinner somewhere and then end up for a weekend at the Snet…reply here,

Hey mate… I’d love to come - really would - but I’m on stage 3 of moving my crap down from Nottingham so will be on my way up there in a nice big van :frowning:

But if you’re thinking pub food and maybe stay over - then I really can recommend the Angel Inn in Larling (don’t tell Charlie).

If you do go up there - I’d appreciate it if you could maybe take some photos of the pub - as I ran out of juice before I managed to get any of the actual place.

The food is really good there (not as good as the barge) the beer is good too, and the breakfast is great - plus they do B&B if you’re not fancying camping.

It’s a really nice place - but not as nice as The Barge Inn :wink:

Dead easy to find - just before the junction for Snetterton you’ll see it on the oposite side of the road - you have to go around the snet roundabout come back down the road about 1/2 mile and turn off - you can’t miss it it’s right on the road.


Soz mate, prior engagements here.