Snetterton Monday 5th

Doing Snetterton with some mates for the first time in a couple of weeks, any one else there :w00t:

Is this with Focussed events?

When I’ve gone to Snet in the past, I’ve camped overnite. The circuit has a security guard at the gate and only charges a fiver for the night.:slight_smile:

My mate booked it up and I think its with MSV directly Good to know about the camping option thanks :wink:

Sherbourne House
Tel: 01953 454 363
Google Map: NR16 2LG Ashwood Farm
Tel: 01953 860 176
Google Map: NR17 1PD

I’ve not used these myself but I just used the power of the internerd to assist you.

Cheers for that Ducati Pete, looks like we have a winner :cool:

I’m on this now.

Look out for the orange express.

Top man :cool:Will try and come say hello as Im sure to spot ya then :smiley: Weather update here… crossed :slight_smile:

That will be perfect weather. I’ve had 40 degrees daytime high for the last 6 weeks. :frowning:

We have just missed a good spell of weather in September I just hope this weather system the weekend blows over and it works out as per weather forecast.Where have you been then Holidaying or work?

Working out of Dubai.

I spent most of July working in South Korea, that’s a different type of hot as it pisses down with rain every couple of days.

What group are riding in fella?

3 of us going, 2 novice one inters but all new to trackdays this year, 2 of us having only done Mallory earlier in the year and one first timer. From what I have seen on here you are well in to your TD riding, racing even? So guess your in Fast group?

Watch out well be buggin you for tips if we catch up with you… :wink:

You done Snetterton many times?

Yes, I’ve been there lots, although not in the past few years.

In the 90’s I rode there a lot on a 250. I always seem to be there on a bike that is challenged in the top speed department! (Though my 750 was a missile down the back straight.)

It’s a bit of a uphill struggle on the superduke, the IL4’s will do 20MPH+ more down the revvit - I’ve booked in fast and will plod on regardless.

One of the lads is riding in inters.

If I can help you fellas out in any way, just ask.

Look out for 3 green Ninjas and a Luton van :smiley:

Is the Luton van in the novice group?

Get him to change to fast, I can get a slipstream off of the bastard.

Might as well be cause im drivin :w00t:Looks like were in for a ribin then eh… :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit of banter maybe.

I did my first ever trackday at snett in '96. It’s fun.

The braking into the esses at the end of the back straight is brilliant fun.

Remember the exit of russells chicane is the only place you have the throttle opened hard on the left side of the tyre. Take care there, especially on the first few laps.

Dont you race any more then, just TD fun now?How many a year do you get to do and where do you prefer, whats your favourite and why?

Personally Im looking to improve my overall riding skills (Which are pretty average tbh!) by using track day time more and more having gotten the bug after my first run out. Brands Hatch is next on the list for me.

Thats me done Slow in Slow out now :w00t:Cheers fella any more advice appreciated… Best tyre pressures for the day etc… looks like 16C so not that warm eh!

I’ll go with 29R 30F COLD.

That’s about right for most bikes unless you have these fangled new slicks with ultra stiff construction. You can check with tyre bloke, if it’s Simon he’s a diamond lad.