snetterton mon 8th

Now booked on this as well,novice/intermediate day Chris walker is there to guide and help you . space in the van for one more bike for this and the 21st

I would go but novice all gone dang

well another good day super hot there today ,2nd session of the day three different riders tried to overtake me on the brakes and all three times they ended up on the grass,then last session of the day guy on ducati tried an overtake on the brakes and he ended up off roading it too,i must have been dragging them into the corners to quick today:D
only my third track day seem to be doing about 2min 40 lap nothing super quick still so much to learn and practice,the daytona 675 is going up for sale in a few weeks as i really don’t want to send it sliding down the road,will keep my hornet for road use and am looking for a dedicated track bike now…

They weren’t looking out for your rear light was they! Lol :joy:

:)that was fixed the next day:)