Snetterton July 22nd No limits

Right, so I enjoyed myself at Snetterton last time, so I am going back. on the 22nd No Limits are doing the day for £75! £75! seriously. That is a good deal (unless there turns out to be some small print and I only get two sessions lol)

If anyone is going come say hello :slight_smile: I am the slow guy on the shiney new Ducati 848 SE Evo Corse with full Ducati leathers, or if you are in the fast group I am probably known as ‘that knob over there with more money than sense’ :smiley:

I just hope it won’t be as packed as the last session at Snetterton, I am hoping with it being a Monday fewer Novices will turn up… :wink:

Was an AWESOME day! VERY hot, like VERY hot. They said the track temp was 48 degrees! but had loads of fun.

Glad you had fun…Snets is a cracking circuit…i really like it.:cool: