Snetterton - BH Monday 27th May

Myself and a few others are booked in Novices, I think Mian will be there taking some pics.

4 spaces left apparently. :slight_smile:

I’ll be camping the night before.

Hey Andy…I have just booked up to go myself :slight_smile:

Will you be on your CB1000r?

Will try to say hello when there…

No, the white Fireblade.

I think Mian will be there snapping photo’s too :slight_smile:

Very nice :cool:

I’ll be on my new (to me) toy I picked up at the weekend…

Hopefully we’ll get to say hello…


Which group are you booked in?

Inters but it’s my first time…I always go in novice and am not even one of the fastest in novice so a little nervous but all of my group are in inters so thought, what the hell…how hard can it be? :Whistling::w00t:

Fancy stepping up with me Andy as I see you are booked into novice?

No, my group is all in novice. I did one in inters and didn’t enjoy the day at all… :frowning:

What didn’t you enjoy about being in inters?

probably the crashing lol

I’m going to this too. I’m in the Novice group. I’ll try to look you guys up.

Almost every time I leaned in to head to an apex, someone would shoot through inside of me… Not able to relax and ride all day :frowning:

Cool. Come and say hello if you see us :slight_smile:

ill be there with 19 other riders… Blue and white big bang R1.

I’m in pit 15… :slight_smile:


Really sorry…Completely forgot to stick my head in to say hello…It just felt like the whole day went really quickly…Top day albeit a little busy…

Funny enough I did pop my head into garage 15 but for a different reason…The group that you were with, did you have a Spanish girl on a bike that had her suspension break on her?

Well we were the people that helped her out by transporting her bike from the hotel to the track…She gave us a nice Chocolate cake as a thankyou :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoyed the day…We certainly did…We were in garage 11 and 12…

Ahh yes, well done mate. :slight_smile: Yeah, they’d both ridden to join us for a late night burger, the one guy left his bike in the garage and they both went back on hers.

It was a good day, although I may post a ‘Shame’ for Focused Events for over booking. I rode up for session 2 to be told I couldn’t go out as the max amount of bikes were already on track!

Yes very naughty that…Well out of order…Did they make it up to you?

Also, did you get any video?

Doesnt surprise me since organizer was focus events :doze:

Napa, was it you that actually came down to pit 15 initially. I was sat in the chair and I think you mistook me for my mate (he’s also quite big with a beard).

I’ve e-mailed FE, we’ll see what they say. My mate did two extra sessions in Inters in the afternoon, but I wouldn’t enjoy that.

Yes, video as always :slight_smile: Kinda cool as I’ve overlayed GPX data giving me (very rough) speeds and lap times etc.

Only one uploaded so far, but others should go up overnight. They’ll be on my trackday playlist.

Yes that was me…So we did meet then! Cool :cool:

Will take a look at the vid…

I’m off to Donnington now to do it all over again :smiley:

i do feel very stiff today though