Snetterton 3rd Sept

Change of plan from Brands Hatch in September…

I’ll now be going to Snetterton on the 3rd of September for a novices day with Bike magazine. Use the link below to get full details.

There is a travelodge 22miles away that are doing rooms for £26, if like me you live too far away to want to get up early enough to ride there for 7.30am

Please don’t make me go on my own… I’m only an ickle girly on a baby bike

Would love to, but my shoulder is still knackered and the bike is still stuck on the trailer as I dont have the strength to get it off.

Sure someone will be along in a minute to keep you company.

I’m all booked up, so I’ll watch yer back mad…until I over take that is

I’m quite happy to ride behind… although I may be blinded by your tight dayglo leathers…

I’m going to go on this one… and probably go on one at Brands after that.

My Ron Haslam superbike masterclass DVD has just arrived

Just booked onto this one = first trackday!

Before I book a travelodge room for the Sunday night, is anybody else going who wishes to share as they are ‘family’ rooms so sleep 4 (max 3 adults)???

Sorry mate, already booked my room…

I’m booked to go on this too. Which Travelodge have you all booked into ? Can’t see one 22 miles away ?

just booked my room…


Yeah thats the one that me and mad are in as well

Anyone know a decent non-motorway route to get up there? Or shall I just take my trusty map and go exploring?

You could do the the roads from High Beech up through Ongar,Gt Dunmow then try the B1057 up through Finchingfield to Haverhill and then to Bury St Edmunds and pick up the A11 at Thetford just down from Snetterton.

If you fancy that let me know,give me an excuse for yet another ride up the 1057 ,presuming it would be the afternoon/evening before the 3rd.

I’m up for tagging along on a bit of a ride-out to get up there…

hehe that was going to be my exact suggestion!!! WOuld be a sunday evening ride up there…

There is racing on at Snetterton that weekend - anyone up for watching any of it (ie ride up a bit earlier on the Sunday)?

I’m in 2 minds at the moment, but it would be good to see the track and have a walk round it before the trackday (something I wish I’d had chance to do at Cadwell - did plenty of it after coming off )

Sounds like a plan to me!

Not going to have any luggage to worry about so can just head straight there and worry about checking-in at the T-Lodge after the racing…

I’ll join you for that, sounds good. Anybody else booked the tuition ?

HUmm yeah the racing sounds good, lemme check the details.

Kinda thought hard about the tutition, but hoping that some of it might be there for free (yes I am cheap )