Snetterton 300 - 24th March

Yay, just booked my first TD of the year!!

No Limits - Snetterton 300 - 24th March

4 of us so far, 2 in fast, I’m in Inters and a mate in Slow…

Can’t wait!

shurrup…my ZZR still in bits…best put back together and get some booked :smiley:

don’t you mean the 22nd March ??? they aint got one on their website for 24th

Thanks Steve its No limits not focused…doh!

be great to see you on a TD or ride out, its been a while.

Im booked into the inters and will be riding a 93 blade white red tank. What are you riding Ill say hello.
Forcasts dry at the moment:))


Ill be on a CBR600rr, black with Castrol decals, I have a aria st George helmit, (oh er!) (the white one with the red cross)

Hey Tetso, nice to meet you, hope you had a great day. Weather was on our side, kept it rubber side down!

Nice to meet you too. It was a good day.
I lost the rear on the second to last session. Think you were the bike behind me so you probably saw!! Woops!!!
Think I gave it too much coming out of the corner with a cold tyre…rider error!!
Got back out for the last session and really enjoyed the day never the less :slight_smile:

The corner just before the back straight? I was right beside you on the outside!! glad your OK, I thought it was a sign and blew out the last session.

It was a good day