Snetterton 300 15th July and Brands Hatch Indy 15th August with No Limits

Anyone keen on these dates? I want a van for the Snett trip, so any ideas or advice where I can rent one?


Inters group with Frogmeister for both

Cheers for booking mate. I’ll look into van rental and straps although any advice is welcome.

We have one other coming, he wants a bit of van action too. I know that Kendal cars are recommended by Joby is excellent!

Iv got a friend going to Snet on 28th, I know hes looking for a van…

Jeez, well that was hot!

I am thinking of going for the 15th August at Brands

Will be in the ‘Crap’ group :Whistling:

Has anyone got a noise meter - i see its 105 dB static

At Lydden Hill and Mallory no one cared but i think at Brands they are a bit more careful ?

I don’t, but theres an app for that. May give you an idea of sorts. No baffle?

Ever so slightly frustrated that I’ve appeared to lost my bottle somewhat and can’t carry faster corner speed, but heres a shot from the day :smiley:

Was certainly a hot one, but great fun! Photos are finally online too :slight_smile:

Are you actually going to buy it? :D:laugh:

Yes, this and one other. Most photos are from the morning and my best shots are from the afternoon.

Thought I would get my pic in as well, was a proper nice day. Shame about all the red flags in the inters, the words “warm your tyres” seemed to be ignored on a hot day. Looking forward to Brands.

See you all there I hope.

Brands was a success! Seemed to have regained my mojo and the Frogmeister and I pushed each other to get sub minute laps, so we’re pleased. Too much chaff in the inters though and we got held up a fair bit