Snetterton 29/07/10

any here going? managed to get a spot in inters/advanced for £50 so I’m gonna pop down. First time at Snetterton for me.

£50? how?

Because it’s the most boring track on the planet (apart from Tonfanau) you may as well go play on the lanes. :slight_smile:

+1 I’d rather go to Santa Pod and practice my starts! £35 for unlimited runs (£10 entry, £25 to run)!

lol :smiley:

Bought it off a member of the TDR forum who can’t make it.
Never done this track before so it’ll just be another tick in the box. Should make it 7 different tracks ridden in my first year of riding, unless I can sneak in an 8th by the 25th August.

7 different tracks? Good going! Go-on, treat yourself to the 8th! :slight_smile:

Snetterton is fun!

How you can approve of Mallory and Rockingsnore and not like Snetterton is beyond me.

Try it on an SV650 and see what you think :D:w00t::hehe:Suprised youre not at BHGP on Monday?! :smiley:

I’m hardly in the “Honda lanes” on a superduke!

I did it a lot on a RS250 - that was pretty slow down the straights.

I’ve no idea what that second thing is - sounds like something cattle contract.

LOL Brands Hatch GP with No Limits on Monday :wink:

a bit late but here’s what I thought to the day.
got there, had a pie, signed on and in the queue for noise testing. part way through queuing up we were told to leave everything and pop in for the safety briefing. had this then back out, however inters/fast were on immediately so we were told anyone who hadn’t been noise tested yet can do the sighting laps, then pop back up to be noise tested. so i did this.
i actually really enjoyed the track. the bomb whole sucked me in a few times, but i found out as the sessions went on you can actually head into it a lot quicker then you think. a few times earlier i thought i entered it too fast but instead popped out all fine!
had my mate time me on his super sophisticated mobile phone and using a specially painted white line as a marker and I managed to get a best of 1min19sec on the day. happy with that as I know of a few areas I can go alot quicker and found out recently that the front end MRO and British superstock is 1:07-1:09. so not to bad considering its a standard 2008 R6 with just a set of racetecs on.
will i be back…definitely!