Snetterton - 22nd of May (Sat)

Just booked myself to the Snetterton track day on the 22nd. I’ll be probably setting off on Friday evening and stay for the night somewhere around there (any recommendations by the way?)

Who else is going? Would be nice to share a paddock between LBers… :smiley:

I’m hoping to do the Saturday and Sunday, just watching the weather at the moment! I’m doing Brands on Wednesday and don’t want to be stuck with three wet track days.

PM me if you want to try and share a garage.

i’m also watching the weather for this, AFC would be good to catch up, i grew up in snetterton so know the area well, look at staying in attleborough, shropham, banham areas. The Larling angel is pretty good, and The stag is good also.

There is a cracking route in the area, its about 15 miles long and its really really good, if i go and get there the night before i might have to do a couple of laps!!

I remember Lesley (wife) saying your from there, Just looking at the B&B options now! I think the weather is going to be okay actually, everywhere seems to be booking up thought, will look at your ideas aswell!

I see you truly are addicted now! If I do the whole weekend, that will be 3 track days in a week, lets just hope i don’t bin it.

Where can I book this? Had a look on Hottrax and Club MSV websites but nothing there for 22nd May. Any help would be appreciated.

I did it via the “Focused Events” website

Hi Mate,

Did you sort out a B&B, I’ve book the wife and me into The stag recommend by rixxy! I’m book on both days Saturday and Sunday, so lets hope its a dry one…

PM me your mobile number and we can try and sort out a garage together.

Yes I’ll be at the Breckland Lodge, I think that’s called “The Stag” as well. Will PM my number

hey guys, think im gunna go to this aswell i will book tomorrow, good choice on the breckland lodge / the stag (yes its the same place) its pretty good, if theres room there i might stay there if not then at my grandads in thetford (or theftford as its fondly known)

If you want a couple of road routes i got a good one which starts from that area. Also if you can drive across to the tivertshall ramm pub, its incredible well worth the drive. I think if we come down and stay the night we will go for dinner there. The other place which is good for food is the Larling Angel. The stag is pretty good think they do a carvery on a sunday!

rixxy, are you planning on doing the Saturday or Sunday?

I was really hoping to be there, a late grasp attempt to try and get my bike running properly before I admit defeat and loose my deposit and flights for the Jerez trip (bye bye £300+).

I’m stuck in China though and although I’m job done now, I can’t get on a flight earlier than my original booked one as the BA strike has filled up other carriers.

Shame, even on a shopping bike snett is a laugh - I only loose a few seconds a lap with my fuelling problem and only needed recovery once last time there!

neither it looks like as i cannot get the following weekend off and so cat wants to celebrate our wedding anniversairy this weekend instead. Still on the bike but thew VFR and heading into france/germany for 3/4 days.

So not all bad!

Let me know what your next one is!