Snetterton 22/23rd June

This is the next round for us, hopefully we will have some decent weather.
I will be in pit garage but will let you know which one incase anyone fancies a ride up for a watch.

i’ll definitively be there if its not raining.

Im defo keen if its not raining, IN fact i might even organise an Lb rideout to support PJ! What time are the races??

Racing starts at about 10 each morning.
I’m race 10 and 20 on both days so my guess would be around lunch time for race one and then about 4.30 for race two. That applies for both days. But there will be plenty of decent races to watch and enjoy.

If anyone does come up please see if you can bring a decent camera and try and grab some pics :wink:

weathers looking good for next weekend PJ, hopefully someone would be able to come along and take proper pictures. just keep your lid on would you. :stuck_out_tongue: :kiss:

Ok cool going to organise a ride for it.

weather might be kinder this time maybe! good luck have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Cheers Tom, hopefully no snow this time lol

Im definately keen if its raining.:slight_smile: