Snetterton 20th Sept - £85

Considering booking this - anybody else interested ? Probably do me good to go again before Brands Hatch.

Much as I’d like to go back to Snetterton I cannot go on that date.

Have you booked mate? thinking of doing it, if it’s not fully booked up already!

He’s having some bad luck at the moment… having just found out his wrist was broken.

I had considered it then booked a beginners day on the 26th at Snett with MSV, it’s a half day of tuition which would probably be more use to me than another track day. If this cast comes off before then I’ll be there but if not, hopefully Brands on the 1st.


Wrist… broken… how???:crazy:

Hope it’s not too bad matey…

Sorry to hear about your wrist :frowning:

I can’t do the 20th after all, just realised I’ve got a work meeting and an appointment with B afterwards.

Will look at other days…

How did you break your wrist mate?

Broke it when I crashed the Triumph in July, didn’t think too much about it then but the pain didn’t go away (I assumed it was just bruised) so went to docs last night and then x-ray and confirmed that I broke a bone in my wrist so now have a cast on. Explains the discomfort I had at Snetterton and a few days afterwards :wink:

glad it sorted now though, long time to have a broken bone!!

Hi guys me and 1 other both on zx10r’s one will be a green 07 and one will be a 05 Blue race bike

look out for us and come and say hi, we’ll be in inters :cool:

I think another LBer I know has booked this too, Sean on a yellow SV650.

nice one hope to see ya there… like I say come and find me , I will have a beaten up P reg transit with blue race ten :cool: