Snetterton 18th August

Right, so as some of you might be able to tell, I have really enjoyed myself at snetterton recently. I found that going to the same track back to back in reasonably close succession meant that I improved a lot the second time out. I just booked into the session on the 18th. I am booked into the inters group for the first time. I am not 100 % sure I am fast enough, but at the last track session (my third track day) I found that I was definitely in the top 5 in the novice group. Anyway, I am looking forward to it. I will be on a road bike with road tyres so not sure if the inters crowd will accept me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but who cares, I am just there to have fun and enjoy myself. I would rather give it a go and then opt to move down if I get shoved around, than not give it a go at all. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if anyone from here is around give me a shout and I will say hello when I am there. I am currently heading up to this one on my own so will be glad of the company between sessions.



I’m tempted too. Whos the organisers?

Looks like no limits.

Going to check with the mrs and work diary.

You seriously thinking about going Rory?

Thinking, aye. But it will be a van there

… Hang about. Its inexplicably £130 :w00t: Thinking over :ermm:

So have you signed up? :slight_smile:

Nah mate. Its £130 on a Sunday, and the very next day its £95, so I’m skipping it sadly.

Hi Carl,

How you getting there? You riding or van?

Getting my ankle injected on Tuesday.
If that helps I will be tempted as it is definitely time to face my demons at Snetterton!

(in a south american accent, with palm on forehead)… excoooooorise the deeeeeeemooooooooons…ahhhh :exclamationmark:

Erm…might need to face them another time or sell my track bike!
Mondays MRI shows the bone hasn’t yet fully healed so I didnt have the injection yesterday and instead am going to see the surgeon on Friday.
I fear he might tell me to do even less than I am at the moment and I am pretty sure a trackday would be out of the question! :frowning:

This events now sold out!! :frowning:

OK. so looks like I am flying solo. If any of you do turn up, look out for the grey 848, red and white leathers. I’ll be the slow one in the inters group :slight_smile: