Snetterton 13th May

Hi chaps,

I was wondering if I could ask your advice.

I’m planning to go to Snetterton on the 13th but I’m not sure what group I should be in…

Brands hatch is my local circuit, I’ve done 4 trackdays before - all there, when I went earlier this month I was doing 58s -ish laps on the indy and thinking that I should have moved up to inters as the pace was a bit slow and I got held up a lot. My question is shall I go to snetterton and ride inters or novice? Dont want to get in peoples way but would probably pick up the lines quicker following faster riders.

Is anyone else going down btw?



If you’re running below a minute on the Indy, then stick yourself in inters. It shows you’re on the pace if you’ve only done four trackdays before.

I’m unavailable, sadly.

Great stuff, thanks for the advice,

Catch you at the next one

Anyone else going?

I maybe doing this… (It’s either going to be sent or Malory on the 4th)

Will give u a shoult if I book up for the 13th

Cool rob, may see you then!