Snett eve £45

I am racing at snett on the 2nd and 3rd of September, and will be doing an eve there with focused events on Friday 1st to get me head tuned into the track again. Anyone else fancy it?

There is also one on during the day for those that fancy that.

I’m on holiday that week after the France trip and was looking for a track day to do. Definitely up for it. I’ll book it tomorrow. What time does it kick off on Sunday at Donnie by the way?

If you mean this sundays racing, I think qualifying is 9ish, first race 11ish. We are the 3rd race.

Nice one - see you there Any idea where you’ll be in the paddock?

Hi, I’m sharing a garage with Highside on sunday, we are in garage 21 i believe, if i have got the number wrong i apologise but we should be easy to spot, my CB is matt black with red number 31 and Highsides’you definately can’t miss, Flurosent Yellow and brown (mud) number 23.

Will look forward to meeting you


Cheers Matt, looking forward to seeing you guys in action

Let’s hope the weather holds out


Oh and nice pic on you web****e of me behind you, don’t suppose you’ve got one two seconds later when I went past you

Would you rather the pic thats up or the second race result sheet??

(im ignoring the first race as it is completely insignificant !)

Have just booked up for this, and there are still 9 places left. Anyone?

Well done that man! See you there. Are you going to be comming to see the racing as well then?

Hello mate - well after my bedridden no-show at Donington it would be extremely rude not to. Where are you staying? Would be good to find reasonably-priced digs. I’ll come watch on Saturday

Staying in Micks caravan. You can kip in the garage or bring a tent if you want. Not sure of any places to stay, one of the others might know.

Cheers mate. Camping sounds like a good option. See you there, if not before