Sneaky police hiding place on A406 at Pinkham Way!!

Was driving along the A406 this morning at Pinkham Way and as I went past a little turning on the left (Coppetts Road) I saw a traffic cop car hiding in the darkness (red dot shows where they were hiding), I wasn’t speeding so I was safe but beware peeps, they could have just been on a break but the way they were sitting looked like they were primed to go after naughty motorists.

thanks for the head up, that’s on my daily commute and I want to keep my licence clean

Ar5e…I sometimes get on the North Circ on my way home for one junction just to do that the wee bit after the speed camera. :w00t:

I wonder if these kind of sneaky tickets/points actually makes the roads any safer. I’d be interested to read a study.

ooooh cheeky, i often come flying past there also!!!

Nice work!!!

has Sneaky joined the plod then?! :hehe:

Good spot Tigs, I often pass that way - at 50, of course :wink:


what about the people who are colour blind, what colour dot are they looking for?:hehe::crazy:

We do have standards you know,don’t let any old riff raff in:P

Its a big round dot on the left, you can’t miss it really and it’s red :slight_smile: