Snapped clutch cable

My clutch cable snapped on me last night on the way home from work and it cost me a small fortune to join the AA and get some help. :sick:

What id really like to know… is there a way or technique to get the bike into gear and going without the clutch - this bearing in mind that im a smoker and not really up to running with and alongside the beast till we hit er… 20 ? ( I have no idea if I can even run) and then jump on.

Be really interested to hear if this is at all possible.

start the engine get the bike to walking speed and crash it into 2nd, then its all down to how well you can match engine and road speed for the changes and how good your anticipation is :slight_smile:

Thanks kenny

I did try that but only made a lot of unpleasant noise and stalled. I would have carried on riding after it snapped but even going as slow as I could still came to a set of red lights. Its not so much the keeping going but the starting.

Lessismore had just this problem a few months back, but I’m too bloody lazy to find and drop you the connection.

If you find the thread, there’s some handy stuff on there which comes down to carry either 1: a spare cable or 2: a length of inner cable (cycle shop) and some solderless nipples.

Having had to get a clutch short bike home a couple of times in the past, forget it in todays traffic. Carry the spare(s) and the couple of tools needed.

Even if you can’t fit it, someone will be able to if the parts are there and then.

mine went on my 01 R1 and there’s a microswitch which means as soon as you stop, you cant go anywhere.

I also had to do the joining the AA thing :slight_smile:

Found the thread. Thanks Oldguy.

Think Ill carry a spare with me from now on. All said and done the bikes done nearly 30000 over 5 years so cant really complain from that point of view.