check these two out, nutters…its proper kicks off 4 mins in;)


could be you dude … duuu - eeet :slight_smile:

Wicked vid!
Been on my favourites for a while that one - I love the black lines he leaves every so often.

These kind of roads would be great to ride on - http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=montee+ospedale&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&hl=en&ll=41.67522,9.204311&spn=0.349264,0.727158&t=h&z=11.

This one (an oldie, but goodie) is good for knee (etc) down on a SuMo (like it or not) -


respect to Dani Ribalta!

Good to see them wearing the proper clothing for what they were doing.

but they forgot to wear there stright jackets mate :w00t:


im suprised the police didnt try to track the computers ip/the guys plate and arrest them… :blink: oh i know cause they aint in the UK! :Whistling:

and they seem to have no plates!!

on things for sure…they are 'kin nutty as fuk:w00t:

Great riders - but he risks getting decapitated by the oncoming traffic leaning into some of those left-handers - treating the road like a track can get you in a whole heap of sh1t.Nice vid though - I hope they live long and prosper. :slight_smile:

Aaah yeah I remember that vid - loved it at the time - and still love it !

Ahh, the wheelie overtake, classic.

If they keep riding like that their luck will run out sometime :unsure:

Supermoto weekend ride :Whistling:

Supermoto weekend partie 1
Uploaded by dee_motard. - NASCAR, F1, tuning and drift videos.

Part 2 :wink:

Supermoto Weekend partie 2
Uploaded by dee_motard. - NASCAR, F1, tuning and drift videos.

Mental skills! Would love a super moto to try this

Now they’re lanes!
Shiver , what you doing a cameo appearance in the end of Part 1? :smiley: reminds me of IOW :Whistling:
The stoppie in front of the cow in Part 2 :hehe:

Ah yes. I put this on a car site. They went fookin potty!:smiley: It reminds me that I really ought learn to ride my bikes!:cool:

That road is the nads! I think Jay’s week long trips would have taken in those sorta road!:w00t:

Think I have to get myself a SMOTO… on my list of purchases since last year:P might try get one this Winter as I assume they will be going cheaper than in the Summer.

BTW what’s a good SMOTO to go for? Cheap one also:D

Anyone else find themselves tilting their head when watching that? :smiley:

why wait till winter:ermm: you’ll be missing the good weather:hehe: mine might be up for sale V soon:w00t:

No way ! How come ?

just thinking of a change mate:) want a 560smr

Yo, MD! You neglected to say if yours was a good or bad’un m8!:stuck_out_tongue: