Smoking Suzuki

I wondered if anyone on here has any ideas on why my Buddys gsxr1000 k3 smokes from cold? I have just changed the Spark Plugs checked out the normal things Air Filter etc,no oil is sitting anywhere that it shouldnt be all pipes are spotless,checked the egr valve,seems to be working okay,changed the Rhinos piss oil that was in it(Dealer has serviced this bike less than 2 months ago:sick,If I take the end can off it does not seem to smoke,it is rather loud thoughAny Ideas?p/s the Can is off a 750 anniversary and does seem small in the inside diameter between downpipes and can Back pressure?.

Piston rings?

Thats what the Dealer said but I do not agree,took it out this morning and there is no lack of power,Bike runs really well(bearing in mind that the plugs I took out were gapped at over 40 thou,less than two months old,went to Alton train station last weds and it kept up with my Busa and 4 other k6 1000s on the M3 with nothing blowing out the back,could anyone recomend someone I can talk to about the Bike?

has the exhaust been repaired then re-packed by someone on the cheap???

do a pressure test on the cylinders.

Do a compression test on the pots to rule out ring or valve problems.

I have seen idiots repack cans with loft insulation before now, that smokes rather well

Would be handy if you could swap cans with someone else to see if thats the problem

ive got a standard k4600 endcan you can check it with!!

I’ve got a std 1000 K5/K6 can in Guildford you can try. Which ever is easier for you.