smokin a joint

A monkey is up in a tree smoking a joint when this lizard walks past and sees him he shouts “hey monkey what you doing” he replies “smoking a joint come up here and have some” so up climbs the lizard and sits there with the monkey and they smoke a few joints, anyway about half an hour later the lizard says his mouth is dry and his going to get a drink from the river, but he is so stoned as he leans forward to get a drink he falls in and starts to splash around a crocadile sees him swims over and helps him the the river bank the croc says “what happened to you” the lizard says i was smoking joints with this monkey up a tree i needed a drink but im so stoned i fell in" the croc cant beleive that this monkey is smoking a joints, so he says"im gonna check this out" and walks into the jungle and finds the tree where the monkey is, he shouts “hey you monkey” the monkey looks down and says “whoooooooooooa dude how much fuckin water did you drink???”

like it !!

haha! Nice one…

just the typical stoner!

heehehehe, good one Flats


old but still good one HAHA

He he he he… Love it…

Hey Flatout if you have some more like that lets see them

hey post loads of jokes but they jus fall down the page quickly, go back a page or two a have a look…

thats class matey

ps flat out did i see you down the silverball a couple of weeks ago on your bike if it was you i was on the black zk4 you an your fellow rider had a little look at ?

nah not me mate, but maybe i should get down there??

yeah would be worth the ride decent biker hangout transport cafe decent food surrounded by some good roads too a507 is a cracking route to name one its on the a10 think its by royston