How do I get smileys in my replies??? I’ve worked out and
:stuck_out_tongue: nope that didn’t work!!! :> is there a list I can download or can I just not find the link…
Me and computers, it’s like a little war, But I’m winning :} well almost…

If you use Internet Explorer, you get a special interface for putting smileys into your post, which is why a lot of people use different ones. I use Firefox myself, and just stick to hehe. I don’t have a list of the short-hand needed for the others, sorry!

I’m using firefox myself, mmmmhhh I’ll just have to try my luck &

cheers though

I took the liberty of making a list of all the smileys and their prefixes… How bored can I be? lol. Had to change it to a JPEG as well coz word documents cant b uploaded, tut!

Well hope it helps…



Nice one Hennessy!

No problem mate