uploading some smileys so that we dont hotlinkJay if you object to this please delete.

checking to see if it works: edit: yep you need to copy paste into the mesage

Kewlio ! Is there any way of keeping these on your PC ?

right click, save as…


great thread…genius…

should be made a sticky i reckon…


cheers Smiled,amended posts so that they are all on first post…

if someone (Mod) can delete the empty posts?

can this be made a sticky? :wink:

very good, do you have to save them indavidualy or is there a way to get them all in one go ?

not sure what you mean…?

to use any of the “custom” smileys right click on them copy and then paste in topic (this works in IE not in mozilla)

for mozilla: copy location and then paste as image

addded more to the top!!

can we sticky??

If i save one smiley I:E: right click save as etc, to a folder on my desktop then copy it wont paste on here!

save from where?

if you want to use the smiles from this topic then if you need to rightclick on it, select “copy inmage location” and then in your post select the “insert image” button and paste the http address.

In Internet Explorer you can also just right click on the smiley here select “copy” and then just right click and select “paste” in your new post.

makes sense?

bump… :wink:

What does “hotlink” mean?

what is hotlinking

Thanks for the reply.