aaaah!!! another poll by smile with extra/blank voting buttons!! :smiley: :Whistling:

lol…pretend they aint there…:rolleyes:.


ha ha i can see where this is going !! Why dont your missus let you touch her camera? no…dont answer that…i can understand her reasons !! :wink:

From past experience of your photographic efforts we are guessing that the Smiled family album is full of pictures of arses and genitalia.

So it looks like the poor old pussy is going for a swim:sick:

If you get the dogs ring up close it may take her a while to figure out what it is !

Your poor missus… LOL

Vote done.

Also, can you delete that pic of MY ringpiece on it. Cheers Shane :wink:


Rub your arse good and proper.:smiley:

You’re not right, lol but voted anyway, and no I don’t want to see the winning picture :stuck_out_tongue:

pmsl! I’ve voted :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh Bo Diddley, found some puppy pics of her on my old phone. She was about 12 weeks old

I’ve voted, ha ha…poor cat:D

dogs ring piece…:stuck_out_tongue:

is it quite firm?!:w00t::P:D


  1. Have you got a job yet

A. i didnt think so


Yes and who are you talking to you old tart?:smiley:

well its not you darling. :slight_smile:

have you dusted off that dodgy old zx9r yet for wales?:wink:

sort of almost ready to go just needs cleaning and fuel now