Smileds helmet..

well i was gonna post a piccy in adults section bit i think i’ll talk about my lid…

well…my helmet has retired as from 10pm tonight…she has served me soo well and i cant fault the HJC one bit…

my distinctive blue visor will be retired too…the sticker will forever be on the front to remind me of all the good times i have had being inside that lid…the offs…the rants…illneses…the list goes on…

she is now replaced with the Arai condor voltage…and i hope i have just half of the fun inside that lid that i had with the Bulldog…

so farewell good buddy…and many…many thanks for your service…

it will never be forgotten…

heartbroken smiled. sniff sniff…





ah bless ya it’s ok

lol…its okay matey…grab a mug of coco and sit beside the fire with it and reminisce!

You soft git.

AfroR1 it’s your fault?

The end of an era matey !

New one looks good.

you tart!

I’d say you worry me at times but it’s sort of all the time you soft get…

Looking forward to seeing the new lid soon dude!

Now you will really look like a power ranger - what you gonna call yourself??

Smiled not so smiled

Good times buddy but the better times are to come, with your new 1 pc, new gloves, new boots, new lid, sexy bike what more could a girl ask for ay!

Your old stuff has served you will and its time they go on a short break - I’m sure they’ll be grateful for the rest.

Well as for your new stuff its gonna serve you even better fella

Nice one Rufio!

Are you going to replace the Visor with the same. It was so … you!

Ahhh, my heart bleeds

Plays imaginary violin

Fun inside your lid???

What are you doing inside your lid???

Good luck with the new one!!!

ah bless

didnt help you dropping it wednesday


Soppy get.

Where’s the pics of the new one then ?

an arai well wot can i say apart from wehee,chuck out tha sh*te welcome to our worrld mate