Smiled's front wheel bearings..

ohh yes shaney boy i think you got your moneys worth from them!! :wink:

you might find the bike goes where you point it now instead of where the collapsted front bearing wants to!!

Result of touching down hard after too many wheelies? :hehe:

Oooops :w00t:

he wishes!!


I wouldn’t mind knacking my bearings if it was because I could pull excellent wheelies. . .sigh :slight_smile:

They look as healthy as Roadrunners bearings he just had replaced also in the front wheel:w00t:

i dont know how you can ride a bike untill this happens and not know about it!!

you better come back for the back ones soon mate :slight_smile:

adam…cheers mate…;)…fookin grass…:P.

well…i knew the moment adz (the snitch) saw em he’d be on my case like the mother hen he is…bless him…but as soon as the phone came out i knew i was in trouble…lol…

they collapsed in mid corner as i was comming off the slip road from the M4 to Heathrow Airport…not the first one…the second tight left hander at about 60 mph…lol…made me ccchit my pants just a wee bit…but i thought it was just binding brakes…well…i live and learn…lol

BIG ups to adz tho…crackin freind he is and a bloody good techie on bikes to say the least…very professinal…well…anal is more like it…lol…but that makes me feel sooo safe knowing he’s an obsessive compulsive on doing things right…

adz…mate…you saved my skin at such short notice i owe you big time mate…big time…

i might just write a song about you…lol:w00t:.



dont make me show the really compromising pics i have on you shane :stuck_out_tongue:



Is it me or is that bearing smiling?

:w00t: It is - it’s obvioulsy had a fantastic and fulfilling life :smiley:

I knew I’d get bubbled by PJ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what mine looked like, and thanks to Matt at Southern Cross for all the hard work it took to actually get the buggers out! :stuck_out_tongue:



Shane, you should be ashamed of yourself!