Smiled's bike stolen...again....

We were at Blackheath and had a great night, chating and laughing the night away…We decided to get some food down Greenwich so five of us got on the bikes and headed down to the Cutty Sark.we parked up in a nice neat line and headed up towards a chineese noodle place and a fellow LB member GP spotted 2 guys on a scooter ride past our bikes towards the underground tunnel of the Thames. Uneasy, we started to edge back towards the bikes and bang, they were back again…

One jumped of the Scooter, smashed my stearing lock and started to wheel my bike down the footpath before our eyes…we started to run towards the guy sat on my bike trying to wheel it away and we started shouting…they guy then jumped off my bike leaving it to smash on the floor and ran off…they escaped but atleast i still had my bike on the floor…

We phoned the police and gave details…i think there’s CCTV so maybee thats something…

so far the damage is:

Right hand Fairing is trashed

Front brake leaver

Right Rearset screwed

Nose cone

Top Yoke is Smashed to peices (bike thankyou for escorting me home Nivag)

my gearbox is cluncky now…

i feel sick…we never took our eyes off the bikes and it happend in seconds…i cant get my fucking head around it what so ever…i’m still in complete shock.

I’ll do a damage assesment tomorrow but i’m no way going to be able to pay for the damage done…

Good Result that we managed to save my bike…but wish…just wish we had caught one of them…God, i’m going to be up all night now thinking about it.


I’m glad ur ok Shane :slight_smile: here have a hug :slight_smile: xx

wow man, that sucks :frowning:
Glad ye managed to save the bike though.

One day one of these scumbags will be caught by a biker, should drop them off at Ace or something then for some additional fun

Jesus christ mate thats a true feckin shocker!!! WTF??? Cheeky bloody little cuntds = I wish you had got hodl of them. Glad you hung on the bike, guttedfor you re damage = big hug xxx

shane (amazing i remembered a name:w00t:) i feel for you fella i know exactly how it feels,i’m glad i said something though i was half joking i sort of felt like i jinxed it but sooo glad you still have your bike…do what you do best and :slight_smile: your the second luckiest man i know (leon’s cbr 600)…

i’m sure pleanty on here would be more than willing to help get the bike back on the road…we need to stick together in situations like these

chin up

Good catch there GP = coulda been a hell of a lot worse

thanks Al…:wink: and others…

just so fucking shocked…i thought ide seen it all…how fucking wrong was i?


i’ve had one bike stolen in the past and seeing them ride up the road is heart breaking…and i’ve had 4 ‘attempted’ thefts of the same bike which the never got…very close but i managed to stop each time:cool:the thing is it’s mostly teenagers doing this so using force wont go in our favour as much as we’d like to…but rubbing it in their face that you still have the bike and they failed is enough satisfaction for nowthey’ll meet their fate sooner or later :wink:

GP you’ve got eagle eyes dude, top work!

And no worries in making sure you got home ok Smiled, you did have me worried on the one way system :wink: so thought it best to make sure you actually got home with no other problems.

Mate! Gutted for you! :pinch:

I’ve just got in from a pretty rough shift chasing scrotes just like them! I’m glad the damage is only minimal mate, and that you’ve still got the bike. I’ll give you a call in the morning. :wink:

Not again! :w00t:

Let me know if you need some help putting it back together.

Sorry to hear this mate :frowning:

Jeez these tw*ts have lost any sense of ‘fear’ and will do just about anything…

Sorry to hear the bike was damaged and that you didn’t catch any of the little feckers, but glad that you still have your bike shane! :slight_smile:

Fucksake I should of been there man. Sometimes it would pay to have the Moto-King out with ya. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CNTS

These fook wits need to be caught.

If it helps any new parts you need I can get them at cost price if you can’t already… Not much help I know but something I guess… ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH wheres my punch bag…LETS GO FOOKING MENTAL LETS GO FOOKING MENTAL…Didn’t someone else on here have a CBR nicked from this same spot?

wtf texted you back

Sorry About The Bike. But Happy Your All Are OK

What [email protected] mate, sorry to hear that.

Good to hear you still have the bike, sorry to hear what the fuggers have done to her though. Hope you can get her ship shape again soon hun.

seems like you have to leave a guard with your bike in london these days, glad they didn’t get your bike, and hope the damage isnt to bad.

Glad your bikes parked where it should be this morning fella bike sting next friday seem in order they say lightening never strikes twice but these scum cnuts tend to do the same rounds im sure, i’ll be up for it :slight_smile:

Sh*t news mate and the night was going so well.

+1 on the bike sting next friday