Smiled's bike repair fund!!!!!

I’m going to get the ball rolling with £50.

im in £50

Great minds think alike; see ‘a friend in need’ thread.

can offer a car with free fuel (thanks work :)) to collect bits, and tools, I have lots of tools

too many threads for the same things!!!

i can only send £50, but only once, LOL

I’m in for £25 :slight_smile: (will go up to £50 when I find out salary next week)

Not paid till next week but but me in for £20 :slight_smile: (sorry but both my bikes need to be repaired)

If you want any vinyl wrapping done to panels will sort you out

shanes just driven past me in a brand new bugatti:w00t:! i reckon he got lucky on the euro last night!!:smiley:

blimey he back on the game again :D:D

shane i can lend ya this thill yours is ready:D its not running at the mo but ill have it sorted before this evening



ive located a top yoke, just waiting for the DICK head to ring me with the rest of the bits he needs :slight_smile:

i’ll give a fiver and he can give me my dvd’s, lol

no seriously people, as honourable as this is not a good idea, if some1 else has the same ordeal and no fund is he/she any less of a friend or londonbiker? if ya do it for 1 gotta do it for all.

BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! in goes the spanner :smiley: lolBut that is a valid point. I will cry now if I don’t get a fund? I am such a billy big bollocks I should have a fund anyway for just being the MAN :cool:

An interesting point, now get your wallet out n pay up!!

I’d like to chuck a few drinking vouchers in the helmet… How do we go about paying???

take morrisons vouchers? :D…i’m having bank trouble at the mo,least you can use it to buy tea(milk first) or lube or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point!! Has Shane got a paypal account???

There are some Jellyfish €uros waiting to be added to the fund.

Where should they be sent?

Thanks Garret…its not true what they say about you;)