anyone heard from him tonight? he was supposed to meet me at greenwich, was down there half hr, then blackheath teahut, but no sign of him, not a phone call or txt either

mate…i was waiting at the sainsbury’s for 45 mins…ppl were throwing me change !!!

every bike that turned in i threw my hand up and waved but to no avail…

so got there at 7:15 and didnt leave till 8:05…then went for a ride toward bluewater and back…

right…next time we get it right…ok?


i think smiled is telling fibs!!! he clearly mentions that he waited for 45mins but then later changes his story to 0715 to 0805!! thats 50 mins. hmmm SUSPECT SMILED.

adam you nobber…!!!lolol


were you wearing your leathers? No wonder they were throwing you change