smiled & pavalbluebandit

eres a vid…

shot it today…lol




i think the word your lokking 4 is DAMP

nice vid m8

is that y ur tyres squared off then

like it man and the backing track was quite cool

glad you liked it guys…damp …too bluddy right…lolol…

well we went around kent way…and it was dry as a bone…soon as we were heading back it pissed down…but we thought …what the hell…

the backing track is fat boy slims…’‘long haird freaky people’’…crackin tune…and bluddy infectious…hahahah


I thought you had started making pornos being that you aren’t allowed to watch em

all set up luv!!!

just no fun on yer todd…lololol

saucy smiled.

Shane,you took a whole cream for it, I’m the one who owns/hold the camera FFS

nice vid shane!!

we’ll have to try out my bullet cam on your camcorder!!

pavels camera mate,i just spent 4 hrs editing…. 14 fags…8 coffies…and a fresh pair of pants…not much…lolol

got loads of ideas for vids…but no camera…must get one ya know…

but if we can get ahold of one …ide be well up for it!!!

ive got the software…so lets crack on!!

glad you liked it tho adam…really glad mate..

and its on ere aswell…


christof has got a camcorder but it is not compatible with my dogcam!! ive got a really old camcorder!! i mean really really old!! its big and you have to have a video tapey thingy!! must see if my dogcam works on it actually!!

You need a camcorder with DV in/out to connect bullet camera to it. And you need a digital one (easy to transfer data to the computer for future editing)

Unfortunatelly my camera is very basic but like you can see does the job well.