Smiffy's new thermal insulation

Myself & smiffy(blue 1050) went for a last minute blast down the coast last nite,nice ride,nice food.On the way back we stopped to get some petrol & smiffy bought a newspaper (why),thinkin he’s gonna read it later.NO,he decides to put it down his jacket to keep him warm on the way home,what a little girl…:P:P


Maybe it was the shock of the Long Tall Skinny Latte made him do it;):smiley:

You know it fella,fancy a herbal tea,what,what…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well what can I say, silly sod went out with summer clothing on at 6 o clock in the evening whilst it was still 27 degrees, come 11pm I was shivering my tits off, it was alright for the fat bloke on his RSV hiding behind his screen with 4 layers of clothing on!!!

One thing I will say it was a lovely ride…bit slow tho, I thought those RSV’s were fast!! maybe it was the 16 stone fat bloke with half a wardrobes worth of clothing on that slowed it down. LOL

Great evening KEVIN thanks

Fella,its ok.Just remember who had all the girls lookin at my bike,& you standin there with the longggggggg face,laters dude…:P:P

I suppose I will have to give you that one, yes the Girls wanted to **** their leg over “your bike” for that perfect photo, but they didnt ask for you to be in it mate, a group of 17 ish old girls out for a laugh in Brighton and yes one of them had a rather great looking peach and yes you received a kiss, but with your looks you have to take what you can get when you can get it.

Funny you should say that. We were sitting at a set of lights in Brighton on Thursday right by a Hooters style cafe thingy.

The gorgeous PR girl made a bee line for my bike.:cool: Its a Vee thing;):smiley:

It must be, I go home the other evening and the girl at number 91 invited me up as she thought the sound of my bike was the most beautiful thing. She even told me I could wake her up with it anytime…:w00t:Don’t worry Smiffy, I used to use a paper down my jacket when I despatched, although from your expereince the other night I thought you’d preffer Alan Carr tucked in front of you keeping you warm…:wink: