Smelly Gloves - what's the cure?

so I’ve got myself a gf and am introducing her to the joys of getting lifts into uni every morning,

long story short - my gloves stink, no sh1t.

so does anybody have tips on washing leather gloves?

I’d probably buy a new pair of gloves if they stank.

Otherwise try warm soapy water or baby shampoo, then treat with a leather nourisher to avoid them going hard. Also try and let them dry naturally.

I wear silk liner gloves inside leather gloves all year round.

My hands get quite sweaty commuting into the city.

I just chuck the liners in the wash every few weeks.

Keeps my leather gloves from getting smelly :cool:

hmmm, liners seem a good idea, not gonna get rid of the already-present punge though…

well they’re almost brand new only had them a couple months not gonna chuck them now!

Put them in the freezer overnight.

this is random but works with stinky gym trainers.

fill them with cat litter and leave them overnight. might be a bit gritty for a while afterwards though.

Washing machine then treat them.

I washed mine by mistake once never had an issue with them going hard or cracking

Get her a pair of her own!

Wash your hands? :stuck_out_tongue: :Whistling:

I’ve hand washed leather gloves before and never had an issue, main problem is that they might take a day or 2 to dry out depending on the lining etc.

I have some helmet sanitiser foam stuff that I spray into the gloves every week or so to try and keep the stink at bay between washes.

I see there is not an obvious answer to this question.

yes - obviously she should have a pair of her own, in good time.

I have soaked my old pair in detergent over the weekend, I will see if it has been effective, however I am a bit concerned for the leather of the new ones.

basically whenever I get anywhere, I have to wash my hands to get the stink off, which is a pain.

will soaking in detergent damage leather?

stop scratching your arse? :smiley:

I could drive your girlfriend to college in my car. That’s save you shelling out on some new gloves. Remember, “all is fair in love and war,” though.

but you might get a smelly finger glove as well :Whistling:

Just find something else that smells worse, then she won’t notice the gloves :w00t:

Apart from putting them in the freezer overnight?

I would give the insides a squirt of cologne.

Not sure if this would damage the stitching though.

I once heard that you should get in the shower with them on. I gave it a go and they did stop smelling, but took several days to dry the insides out afterwards

Hahahahahahahaha - I can see where this conversation is going for the poor fella!