Smells of cheese?

Why does wet gear always have the whiff of cheese or sour yoghurt about it the next day?

I’ve got no where to dry it out so it hangs in the hall to drip dry (and so doesnt)

Maybe I’ve got a yeast infection :sick:

Hmmm… Iv not smelt dairy products…

Mine only ever smells of… erm… damp? :ermm:

I went to see some family over Christmas, after I got geared up, I went to say my good byes etc
Walking down the hall way and all I could smell was a horrific damp lingering smell.
Took me a few minutes to work out it was me, I turned around and bolted back to the bedroom, took them off and caked myself in lynx before I said my goodbyes.

They went straight in the wash when I got home!!!

If the smell is really intense - quick solution is to rub bi-carbonate of soda on. This wonderful stuff kills strong odours. If you have time try washing them in Bio-Tex or just bi-carbonate…but they will need to dry out properly to stop smell coming back.

I’ll have a look at washing the jacket, its a bit rank.

Defo whiffs of acidiy cheese though, weird.

I assume textiles (cheap, old HG stuff) are ok with normal washing liquid, membrane already leaks on the elbow crease so this is its last winter anyway.

We had a little discussion on washing textiles last summer, Nikwax is what you need

discussed here

I reproofed mine with some free Nikwax stuff I got as a sample - quick wash with regular washing tablets (but no softener) then pop it back in to wash with the proofer stuff.

Apart from washing all the cheese out of your pockets, it’ll make the water bead off the jacket, keeping you drier and meaning the jacket won’t be all soggy when you get in.

No don’t use usual washing powder/tablets or liquid.

Before you put them in the washer with the Nikwax techwash (non-detergent) you even have to wash out the tray in the washer that the powder goes in - detergent melts the waterproofer.

Or, do you eat a lot of cheese?

If you have a de-humidifier, hang textiles up in a small room and use the de-humidifier to help dry them thoroughly