SMCR clicks but wont start - not the battery or fuses

If I’m right, It’ll be one of these bits. That doesn’t look like being cheap.

And from the shape of your engine casing, it looks like there’s a removable cover on the right side of the bike to get access to those gears but from the position of the oil plug, you’ll have to drain the oil out first.


I reckon it’s the crap joke cut out unit.

It’s a failsafe mechanism designed by KTM to protect the poor bike from dying of embarrassment. :upside_down_face:

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Yeah it’s number 7. You can get to it from the left side. No oil to be drained, but needs flywheel release tool.

Based on some YouTube videos it looks straightforward* but the part is £80.

*But even so I don’t think that I’m going to attempt it

Aye, get a dealer to do that one then.

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The reason I say “its not really broken” is because after rocking it in gear you said it now starts. My assumption from that is it is now as was and is normal, correct me if I’m wrong.

Rule #1 of motor vehicle diagnostics is to verify the fault
Rule #2 of motor vehicle diagnostics is to prove the fault before replacing parts willy-nilly.

If the fault cannot be verified or proven it cannot be correctly diagnosed and any suggestion to the cause of the fault is speculation.

If it now starts as it should then leave it or, if when starting it clicks and the starter motor spins up as before without cranking the engine then have the fault proven and fixed.


yeah wont start anymore even with rocking it :no_mouth: booked in into a friendly independent so looking at recovery options

Fair enough. You’re probably looking at an hour or so labour plus parts, hopefully that won’t empty your wallet.

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me too

Bike’s been dropped off at mechanic - will post more info when I have anything

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Bike starts again and is back home! As you can see from pic the flywheel was indeed fcuked.


called it.