Smash and grab

Using a vespa???

Just on the tube and seeing headlines that there was an attempted smash and grab… And they used a Vespa as their choice of getaway …?


Tracky bottoms aren’t going to be much good keeping the scrotes legs warm in this weather, they need something with a blanket fitted😁

scooter rider with a machete!

Around town almost nothing is faster than a scooter. I’ve had one as a courtesy bike and it was riot. Plus those scrotes probably don’t have the skills to handle a sports bike. Some urban legends say that scrotes have stolen KTM dukes to do a job but then abandoned them because they were too much to handle.

Fair play to the citizen who had a go.

Need the underseat for the loot…:smiley:

Agreed, although it was the worst attempt at a tackle I’ve seen… ever…

Vespas also blend better on the streets… the city boy has some balls! props to him

Yeah that’s fair. High and with no power behind it. More like a hug. Maybe he was hoping for remorse from the guy.

I hope if I ever come across one of these incidents I do something like steal their scooter. I guess you don’t know how you’ll react until it happens though.

The builder did a good impression of a scalded cat.

Joby (24/01/2015)

AndyCr15 (24/01/2015)

To be fair, he was inches from a swinging Machete, I think i would’ve reacted the same, he did go in to help at first but that Machete was huge!

I think that’s why I would want to do a proper job of taking him down though. Straight to the ground, face down, then sit on him. :slight_smile:

I guess you never know how you would react until put in that position. I like to think i would jump in and help but faced with that Machete i’m not sure if my my Balls are Big enough! lol

I’ve had a leg cut open with a machete (panga). Messy and requires stitches. Hats off to the fellow who tried. I’d have gone for a lower tackle and planted him into the ground as hard as possible, preferably 6ft down.

We supply that jewellery store. Nice people…

Agreed, if you’re going to “have a go” go in phucking hard. Think twice about sitting on the perp cause his co-perps can be on hand to help him, a hammer or blade in the back can spoil your evening!