SmartPhone Mount on Bike

I use my Nexus One more and more for things. Recently on a trip to Wales I wore the battery down soo quick, listening to music and plotting my route with ‘Trip Journal’ app.

My first thoughts were I need a cig lighter plug fitted into the little ‘glove box’ so I can charge as I ride. Then I thought, it would be much more useful if I could mount it so I could use it for everything and even get rid of my Zumo.

In my car I use a Brodit holder like this -

The second image shows there is actually a pivot, so could I maybe rivet this to the dash, just to the left of my speedo and then just tilt it back inwards. I assume the power cable could be cut and wired into the bike, direct to the battery?

I’m thinking to get an A2DP headset for my helmet, which would mean music, podcasts and phone calls would be played through my helmet.

Am I just being silly thinking I can attempt such a thing? Anyone else tried it?



I’ve seen some guides on the internet that use rubber grommets so you can just stick it down the hole on the top yoke cover.

Well, I’m thinking I want to get it up under the screen as much as possible. It’s probably rain proof only to a certain level…

I had a krussell bike holder with a krussel case on my old nokia and i used it on my hornet. It was pretty good but it distracted me too much. i dont think ill be doing that again.

And i cant seem to find pics of it now :frowning:

i just put a cig lighter plug on mine,

its a good idea what you are thinking, got me thinking :w00t: now

would like to know how you get on with this,i wil see what i can come up with, nice:)

I guess my only concern is riveting into the facia. How much would I get the bit of dash that goes round the dials for? I guess I could always just replace it if I sell my bike on?

Everything’s ordered, cig sockets, cig charger, holder (without charger element, will probably be neater to just use cig charger when needed.) and rivet gun :slight_smile: