Small women leathers wanted!

My little sister wants to ride pillion so i need to get her some protection. She’s applying to cambridge so figure she deserves it as a gift and is probably going to be more of a use to the world than me in the long run :smiley: :Whistling:

Shes tiny. Size 6. If anyone women could chime in and let me know what size in leathers that shes likely to fit into would be helpful!

If anyones got anything for sale also give me a shout!

I have got a suit that is a euro 34 - a size6 to 8 - pics in my thread :slight_smile:

Is she after one/two piece leathers? She’s going to struggle to find snug (ie, tight and sexy looking) fitting off the peg leathers. Dainese size 40 is a UK 6-8 and Alpinestars go down to a size 38, which is a UK 6, in some styles. Rev’it do small seperates that zip together, as do quite a few other brands. But actually trying to find any decent ladies leathers in a shop where she can try them on for fit will be nigh on impossible.

Have a look at what’s on offer here I’ve never bought from them but they’ll give her a good idea of what’s available.

If you’re struggling for off the shelf (and even if not) speak to Arc-on - they do custom leathers

Any good?

I’d think about having them myself but I have more bills than disposable leathers cash this month!

Alpinestars are my favourite, the fit is great but some of the stuff isn’t that protective, as mentioned they go down to a 38 in some of the gear (not all does and the size Small is like a 10).
They’re race/track leathers are quite small to size whereas most of their other stuff is true to size.
If she’s short too the alpinestars are ideal as they are made with the shortass in mind, I think anyone other 5’6" would find the gear too short in length.

The suit I am selling is going for £50 - blue and black, both leather trousers and jacket together - and is small, looks good, in good condition and is size 6. It’s H&G.

You won’t get a better bargain.

Of course there are also new suits across a range of sellers, plus e bay :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice! Im going to grab Hels bargain and then buy accordingly once she’s got some experience with some leathers.