Small Plate and Cameras

Hi Guys,

What are your thoughts on the below plate?

It was on the bike when i bought it a few weeks ago and havent got round to changing it yet.

can it still be read by speed and bus lane cameras do you think?

I have ridden past quite a few police cars in London and none have bothered pulling me over so far.


Eventually the cops WILL stop you cause that number plate is illegal.

Can’t answer your question if it can be read by the cameras. Most probably it can!

I would just change it.

If there’s money in it, those cameras will be able to read the label on your underwear :laugh:

Yeah i carry the full plate in my bag at the moment.

I did intend on changing it when i have the tyres changed next month but now wondering whether its really worth it, from what i understand its a £30 fine if pulled over for a small plate?

If i only get pulled once or twice a year im pretty fine with that to be honest lol :slight_smile:

I got pulled last night and again this morning and I have a legal plate, just traffic police not to clever when it comes to trade plates!

There is some sort of accumulation issue, I’m not sure what exactly but if you get pulled a few times, it escalates

Hehe I know what you are saying… however, does a normal-sized plate ruin that much your bike’s arse?

It’s already ugly!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha… just kidding!

A good ass is THE most important feature! :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t agree more… especially when that’s the only thing that other see on the road :stuck_out_tongue:


my own is illegal I think its 6x4? might be bigger but its illegal. I have been stopped for it once in 14 years of riding almost every day.

What do you ride?

I have a feeling being on a Noisy Ninja im a lot more likely to be stopped than when i was on my ER6F…

I was also considering taking out the baffle but i didnt want to draw too much attention to my bike lol :slight_smile:

Now that (the baffle) is nowhere to be found on my bike!!! :smiley:

I would have thought the font rather than the size would be the issue?

Yeah i would have thought the camera may have a little trouble clearly distinguishing a couple of those letters?

isn’t that MORE hassle than just swapping them over? it’s just 2 screws anyway, could be done in 2 minutes and then you won’t get fined.

I’ve not been stopped on the (noisier) KTM and mine is 6"x4"… but I only did about 4K miles on that one :slight_smile:

If the camera can’t automatically read the plate then presumably a human will look at the picture and issue you with a ticket for dodgy plate along with whatever the original infraction was?

The number plate must be a “two-line” number plate. Motorcycle number plates should have a:
Character Height – 64 Millimeters
Character Width – 44 Millimeters (except the figure 1 or letter I)
Character Stroke – 10 Millimeters
Space between characters – 10 millimeters
Space between groups – 30 millimeters
Top, bottom and side margins – 11 millimeters (minimum)
Vertical space between groups – 13 millimeters
This Information has been taken directly from:

Shamelessly copied but should answer any questions. I think the plate doesn’t have to be square either as long as you have the minimum space between the lettering and edge of the plate.

The fine is £100 now and yes you are fair game for a ticket.

your taking the piss…

well in their eyes!

Bus lane/speed camera’s will defo still be able to read it, ANPR probably wont this is why you WILL get pulled.

7X5 with decent sized lettering…you might get left alone.

if you get pulled, as Rusty said £100 fine, if you get stopped again it will be fine plus section 59 warning i think, then 3rd time its 59 and possibly bye bye bike, rusty will be able to tell you more i think.

oh and it wont pas an MOT with that plate either, and alot of places are hot on this now.

if your all legal, and got nothing to hide, just save ya self grief and get a decent sized plate, it works out in the long run