Small, on bike storage suggestions (e.g. for disk locks)

The minimum I’ll be carrying around with me on my bike are a couple of disk locks. I want some storage that I can put on my bike and not have to take off when I park up.

I currently have a 30 litre Kriega bag, but obviously it’s very big and I can’t leave it fixed to the bike when I park, so I have to carry it with me after fitting the disk locks.

The obvious suggestion is a top-box, but ideally I don’t want to go as big is that.

Anyone know of any storage solutions for small items that can be safely left attached to a bike without much risk of being stolen?

I imagined some kind of bag that’s screwed on instead of clipped on like my Kriega, but can’t find a search term for something like that.

what about a Qbag, they are cheap so no great loss if it gets nicked and I have one on mine. proper useful

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Maybe a tool tube like you sometimes get on enduro type bikes?
Something like this should take a disc lock as long as you gave somewhere suitable to fix it.


How big are your disc locks than you cannot just get a much, much smaller bag?

What bike is it?
Is there no under seat storage?
Otherwise as mentioned a cheap tail pack should do, look for 5L ones. Plenty of space for 2 locks.

I like the givi tank bags that lock on to a plate you fix on the bike. I had a big one (you can get small ones I think) and found it perfect for my daily needs, better than my kriega tailpacks.

Mainly because there’s no straps to do each time and unlike magnet tank bags, you don’t run risk of scratching paint.

Doesn’t answer your issue of leaving something locking but for that I think you need a topbox/ panniers of sorts… I know some disc locks come with an attachment to mount it onto the bike… But fitting depends obviously on bike.

Think something like this is what you’re after. This is bolted on to a frame that is bolted on to the bike, foot peg and top bolt of rear suspension. Not the right style for your bike but the right idea perhaps.

Wear a small bumbag?

You can get carrying brackets that bolt to the frame for quite a few disc locks.

Best not to have bulky, hard objects mounted to your body. They do bad things to you if you crash.

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Thanks all! Sadly the disc locks I have (or rather, that I’m going to buy) do not have mounts for them.

I think I’ll go with @The_Sleeper’s suggestion.

I use a Kriega US5 tail bag for one of my Almax chains when touring. Sometimes, I’ve taken two Almax chains in a Kriega US10, but that is a noticeable weight. Great quality kit, but very expensive for what it is.

Consider any other bag that has loops that you can thread straps through and buy these small camlock straps for only about £3/£4 from or similar from Ebay or Amazon. I was thinking about buying this for under £12, but the rear seat on my toy is far too narrow to comfortably support it.

Use your rucksack, strap it down to pillion seat using rok straps.


Is there any secure alternative to panniers, after a top box, for carrying more than disk locks? Such as something solid rather than a fabric tailbag which can be strapped under the pillion seat.

I use either throw-over saddle bags or a rucksack with rok straps when I need extra storage, but these mean I cannot break up journeys as I would not leave the bike unattended. Un- and re-strapping bags and carrying big bags around is too much hassle.

Last weekend I tried just using a tank bag with shoulder straps, so I could carry it off bike, but it was not enough space and the bag kept hitting the horn.

But hard panniers seem like overkill and, aside from the cost, the only system for my bike is the limited Givi V35 one. That only supports three cases (two Givi and one Kappa) and those are side opening which seems less convenient.

buy an old ammo box, bolt it to your bike somehow.