Small numberplates

Hey peeps,

I’m got a 7x5 numberplate at the moment and haven’t been stopped. But i’m thinking of getting the single line numberplates and wondered what the police could do if they stopped me? Would I get a fine or would I also get points? Also would they stop me purely for my numberplate?

Does anyone on this forum have small number plates and if so have you been pulled for it? What would be an ok size to not get pulled apart from the legal size?

Thanks for your help.

I’ve got a single line number plate and so far, not been been pulled. Have riden past a few police cars, and even pulled up in front of a couple at lights, etc. I guess it depends how you’re riding, but if you’re being sensible when they see you, they tend to let it go. Having said this, my mate has been pulled a couple times where its been mentioned (once was for speeding though, where they just gavce him a ticket - the other was purely for the plate, where the guy went on about how its a disadvantage to him as they wouldn’t be able to track it if it was stolen, blah blah blah!!) I’m pretty sure you won’t get points, but maybe a fine.

I’ve been fined £30 a few times for a 1 liner plate. Never in London though.

I have had the mispleasure of handing over £30 for the letter box style plate on a couple of occasions.

Never a problem in the city but as soon as you venture into Surrey/Kent/Essex expect to be pulled over.

Needless to say i have now got the original plate back on mine.

I used to pulled a lot back in the day with tiny plates, but these days I have a proper legal sized plate and never get stopped.It’s one of the first things the plod notice… and if it’s legal they’re less likely to stop you for a noisy can or owt else.
Obviously doesn’t protect you if you’re riding like tit, mind :slight_smile:

is that what it was…?
i thought it was the 'cats new style pillion seat


Whats the deal with square plates but slightly smaller in size?? Not as obvious as the letter box style but staying away from the ‘dinner plate’ look??? :slight_smile:

Yep 30 quid fine. Been done twice or three times I think and in the city. To be fair only one of those was purely because of the plate. Put it on and expect to be pulled at some stage … just dont be moaning about it when it does happen. :slight_smile:

was at Boxhill with PJ one day and the police came over and said that on any other day they would pull PJ (off) for his letter box plate but wouldn’t bother with mine. :w00t::hehe:
It’s square but slightly smaller than the standard number plate.

I’ve ridden loads with a 5 x 7 plate and never been pulled.

I’ve got the same size as you & when I did my Bikesafe course I asked the police what they thought on the size of it and they said it was fine - I’ve not been pulled for it in almost 2 years so I wouldnt worry about it - you wouldnt get points for it anyway :slight_smile:

Ok Plates …

If you have anything other than the legit sized plate you can be given a non-endorsable £30 ticket (£30 fine, no points).

However, if said plod is irritated enogh then they can take further action and after being reported a few times for this offence the DVLA may take your number plate off you and issue you with a q plate - which would not be a good thing.

I would say that unless you get spotted by a traffic car in town then the chances of you getting a ticket are slim (unless it’s new student cops who are very keen to report things also).

I know that the County Forces can be strict with this so venture out of town at your own peril.

I also think that having the ability to give you a £30 fine for small plate and/or noisy exhaust is a good excuse for a reasonable copper who just wants to give you a ticking off rather than points.

There may be something said for having a small plate :slight_smile:

As a casual wearer of the 7x5, i was a little worried, so looked up on t’net…This taken from

"Registration plates, the test to be applied, if not easily legible from 20.5 metres, prosecution and inform DVLA.

Whilst accepting that this is a technical offence, there are concerns regarding the misuse of registration plates on motorcycles. It is well recognised that there are many technological advances in automated detection and enforcement equipment, most of which rely upon remote reading of registration plates. It is difficult for enforcement agencies to differentiate between the individual who wishes to make a fashion statement or enhance the appearance of their machine from one who is deliberately attempting to avoid detection for criminal purposes.

It is with this rationale that it has been decided not to focus on the technicalities of the size of the plate or font size to comply with current legislation, but to apply a simple test of legibility, based upon the standard eyesight test for riders and drivers.":cool:

Hmm… this has defo got me thinking about a 7x5 plate instead of my current letter box one! Anyone got a square plate but a bit smaller, or is 7x5 pushing it as it is??

I’ve got the 7x5 plate and i’ve not been pulled. Driven past police on several occasions. I’m not sure about the smaller plates.

i have a 9x3 i think it is but the font is clear I have been pulled in skegness never in london he pulled me up after a camera van person sitting in the front radioed through saying he couldnt read my plate i was then pulled up after the van where the cops were waiting.

The usual do you know why u were pulled I totaly forgot about having the small plate and said no he said the van driver couldnt read the plate then walked away from the bike come back said well the font is standard and he could read it from distance and sent me on my way with a warnign that i may get a fine by another copper.

No biggie just if you do get a fine accept it

Small plates = many fines

Had one & changed it as gave away far too much money for such a trivial expense! Anyone not been caught before is either lucky or dont ride outta town much? My mate was warned last time they if they keep stopping him for his plate they would look to give points :w00t: So yeah like somene else said if you do want a small plate then be prepared to pay for the privilege.


you will now…Small Numberplates are now an endorsable offence, most are dealt with by £30 fine, but you can now get points for them…be aware;)

I was also told my the nice policeman that if you are reported 3 times for the same plate being of illegal size then the DVLA have the power to remove the numberplate from your bike and issue it with a “Q” plate. This will in effect reduce the price of your bike to nothing…