Small numberplate

I got my new small numberplate this morning but the misses is moaning at me because of it…what do you lot think…keep or change???


Haha and I’ve just noticed what looks like a drawing pin in my tyre grrrrrr

that is a bit… er… misleading mate.

You’re gonne be on a first name basis with your local bobbies soon enough i reckon!

I quite like it too sniff sniff:crying:

i ain’t gonna tug you…so keep it on…:stuck_out_tongue:
seriously, you will get pulled by traffic often!.

i think it looks cool.

Its nice… but not with those indicators…!

Can you make them smaller (or flush with the tail)…

other than that, sexy…

Looks good.

Your going to get pulled on a regular basis…

two big NO-NO’s on the plate front…

firstly, red rag to a bull is the letterbox style plate.

secondly, the incorrect font (italic)

You’ll be deemed as ‘taking the ****’ in the eyes of a traffic cop…

small plate, correct font and readable from 20.5 mtrs and your fine…

but that plate you’ve got on is just plain wrong.



I saw a bike at BM last night with the plate inside the wheel arch in front of the wheel, are they legalish or at least non-pullable in there ? It was almost verticle and mostly readable from behind but a scamera probably wouldn’t get much of a picture.

Looks good but the problem is when (not if) you get pulled they will want to chat to you about your exhaust, visor and anything else that may not be legal.

I put my standard plate back on thinking its 1 less reason for anybody to want to chat to me and I stand more chance of getting away with a few other things.

the missus or the plate? :smiley:

I like the size but the font looks a bit naughty imo.

I’d be more worried about them barn door indicators;):stuck_out_tongue:

I think A) it looks good and B) it’s asking for hassle.

looks good, but may cause aggro!

two mates of mine have small plates, one got tugged 6 times before he changed it, the other doesnt get pulled…there one minute…gone the next!:smiley:

without pushing my luck too far ive had my plate on for 18 months now and never been pulled for it, very much like yours. saying this a member of lb did get pulled because of my plate and he got nicked for his, long story.

that would be TRojan’s brother who is also in the job

difference is his plate looks legal and can be seen well, only difference is where he has it which i dont think is a problem

Thanks, might give that a try, not sure plod up here will tolerate that kind of thing though, they’ve got a lot less to do than Met/London police I imagine :wink:

He still craps himself when he ventures out of town into the counties. Most of the time if he’s out of London the full size plate gets placed back on. It is dodgy looking and he knows he’s probably gonna get tugged but it hasn’t happened … yet !!