Small Generator

Morning folks,

I realise this is probably a long shot, but does anyone know where in North London I could borrow a generator for only a few hours on a Sunday?

I’m looking to fit a ground anchor in my car park, but it is nowhere near a power socket. I got the guy with the drill, but nowhere for him to power it.

Any ideas?

I don’t have a generator but I do have a LI-Ion Makita battery drill that’s great if you need. I’m in N10 north london

Ooh, I’m in N8. Have you used that before to drill into concrete?

yup no probs. it’s slower than an SDS drill that your guy has but will “eventually” do the job :stuck_out_tongue:

my garage is off Shepherds Hill. Have you got the anchor? I could pop round and drill hte holes for ya :cool:

Get a battery powered SDS drill like Jaime suggests…
Or hire a small generator from a hire shop…?

+1 If all else fails then there is BUildbase in N10 by the Queens woods that do hire out jennies. I don’t know bout deliveries. Let me have a crack at it and if that fails then hire the jenny. If they wont deliver short notice then I can collect it for you as I’m not far from them


Yup, got the anchor, and even the bike to attach to it :wink:

Wicked! You’re a star! I will tell the man with the SDS to stand down, and PM you the details.

Hello mate.
I actually live in Crouch End too. I have a cordless SDS drill if you’d like to make use of it. It’s only 18v so may take a little while to get the job done, but it certainly will eventually!! Don’t have any SDS bits with me at the moment though… Well 7mm and thats all. All the rest are at work or were stolen with my car :frowning:

Happy to let you use it if all else fails if you can get a bit the required size!!


Thanks for the offer! (I should have stopped lurking months ago, people here are too nice.)

The plan for now is to let Jaime have a go at it with the Makita. I’ve got to buy the 16mm drill bit for it anyway. If it doesn’t work, then I will take you up on your offer of the SDS. Is that OK?

No worries at all. Just send me a pm if you need it and I’ll charge her up!!

Good luck!!

I’m sure Jaime will sort you out but you may want to drill a pilot hole before you go in with the 16mm…
Screwfix is good for bits if you’ve not already been shopping…

Ive got a fully charged Hitachi cordless with two lithium iron batteries and a full set of bitty bits. + Im gorgeous looking unlike Jaime.:smiley:

I’ve got a small tractor with a Power Take Off and borehole rig with percussion and coring capabilities. And I’m better looking than Mr Jetstream.

@bricking_it For some reason your reply made me think of this :smiley:

VERY Appropriate :D:D:D

@gregog and @Jetstream - I might have to take one of you up on the offer. I will have to get a SDS bit though. Jaime managed to drill 2 holes, but then the battery started to lose juice, and the other 2 holes were a bit tough.

There is definitely no power socket near the bay. :frowning:

I’ll try and source the bit today or this week, and get back to you?

I’ve got some SDS bits if you want to borrow some, a few different sizes. I’m in SW London. I am serious this time :slight_smile: