Small Euro trip right now

Anyone been across the channel in the last week or two?

I’m considering a short notice trip with my daughter for maybe 4 nights to France, Belgium and Netherlands, perhaps staying with a mate in Antwerp for a night or two.

Are the crossings busy? Would you chance an overnight change to quarantine laws?


I’ve booked Eurotunnel for the car in a week’s time. They are being quite flexible about the tickets, if you need to make changes, the ticket it will be valid for a year I think.

I’m prepared for changes, Spain might enforce quarantine for UK travellers in a tit-for-tat exchange and who knows, others might follow. If that happens, I won’t go.

I’m also prepared for a quarantine period on return, if necessary.

I have no idea if the tunnel is taking bikes - you will need to check - for car traffic they are insisting you stay inside your vehicle for the entire crossing, WCs in the carriages are not available.

I don’t know about Belgium but the Netherlands has remained mostly open for business even during the worst of lockdowns elsewhere so you might find it pretty much unchanged, indeed it might be the perfect destination at the moment.

Tickets seem to be available for bikes, just there’s no way of knowing if there are many left. Looks like it will be a last minute thing as I have to finish a project before I go.

I haven’t been to Netherlands for years, quite fancy it. My daughter however wants two weeks on a beach with hotel nearby, can’t imagine anything worse! Holidays this year are all over the place so she’ll have to make do with a few days away. With her embarrassing Dad.

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Michael748, hope your trip goes ahead smoothly, I can’t cope with quarantine on my return as I’ve work commitments.

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I’ve seen plenty of people posting about trips on the Chunnel on other socials. Mainly saying it’s a bit more pricey than before but otherwise all good.

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Given how erratic the government is acting on Covid-19, and the way it changes it mind, reverses, u-turns, dithers, and then acts decisively I wouldn’t risk it.

Spaces available on pretty much all cross channel crossings. Prices aren’t cheap though. Eurotunnel seemed to force me into a flexi (more expensive) price when I looked. Same with the Harwich crossing to Hoek v Holland.

Shame as I was hoping for a cheapy last minute break my Norburgring virginity - but not to be.

Instead have booked a week camping near Malvern. Fcks sake.

I’ll most likely be heading over to France for a bit in the next month, crossing prices seem about the same on Eurotunnel, P&O Ferries seem to have hiked up their prices, long gone are the days of getting a single crossing for £15…

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I did a recent 3 day trip.
1 days of twisties down to Cochem
1 days of twisties in the region
1 days of twisties back home

The tunnel was like normal. Normal sort of queues etc but maybe that was because it was the first week of it all opening up.

Massive variations on mask wearing across the countries and actually in Cochem and weirdly they wanted cash and not contactless or cards.

hehe, cock em

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If my daughter is in we’ll cross the channel, if she wavers it could be a day trip to the South coast!

Jeez that’s a full day - 428 miles to cochem of which 34 is the tunnel?! And that’s just the quickest route from Google.

The Eifel mountains have some lovely roads. I must go back.

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Germany has always been a cash society. That’s why the Euro is available in €100, €200 and €500 denominations - people actually buy large purchases, like cars, in cash.

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The euro trips I’ve done with over LBrs we usually motorway via Belgium it to near Cochem on the first day for lunch, then get some twisty roads in.

I thought the €500 note was for the drug barons and money launderers

It’s certainly being used by them but they were introduced at the insistence of Germany so Herr and Frau Schmidt could buy their new Volkswagen with cash, like they always did.

The ECB stopped producing the €500 note a couple of years back, so the Schmidt’s are gonna soon struggle to find enough of them to pay for their next Golf.

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I thought the euro notes were so certain people can pay their on the spot speeding fines

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