Can we have a slight amendment?



I,ll only wear one of those T shirts if you spell finchingfeild right:rolleyes:

this is yours:D

your all mad!

is this what happens when you get a motard…:w00t:

Its the single cylinder vibe. The fillings in your teeth (tooth in Jazz Mags case) and your brains get rattled out!:stuck_out_tongue:

And aint it spelt FinchingfIEld?

Oi Darren,are you saying i wear Pink and im a Pussy???..I prefer to think i DONT Wear Pink, but i DO Like Pussy…:D:D:D:D

Hey, I look rather fetching in my pink camisole!

sorry m8 is this better

Darren,instead of pink vests,how about Black and White…?..( Like this one my mum is wearing)



yes she is lovely m8

this is my mum:w00t: